Upanishad Ganga

Television Serial: 52 Episodes inspired by knowledge and stories from the Upanishads

Home Page: www.upanishadganga.com

List of Episodes and Youtube Link

No. 1:  The Journey (Jeevan Yatra)                        Is the past relevant? Is the present benevolent?                        Youtube Link
No. 2:  Think                                            Peep into Tradition, Leap into the Modern                              Youtube Link
No.3:   Knowledge Transforms                            Savage to Sage, Ratnakar to Valmiki                                   Youtube Link
No. 4:  Universal Welfare                                Knowledge kills pride, have it by your side                              Youtube Link
No. 5:  Veda - The source of Dharma 1                      Living in light, dying so right                                         Youtube Link
No. 6:  Veda - The source of Dharma 2                     Living in beatitude, dying with the right attitude                         Youtube Link
No. 7:  Vedanga                                         Beyond calculation, into salvation                                     Youtube Link
No. 8:  Upaveda                                        Nation building knowledge becomes Kacha's pledge                     Youtube Link
No. 9:  The Human Goal - Dharma                          Protect Dharma and do your karma                                     Youtube Link
No. 10:  The Human Goal - Artha                           Clean wealth for social health                                         Youtube Link
No. 11 The Human Goal - Kama                           Pleasure teases, and then fleeces!                                     Youtube Link

No. 12:  The Human Goal - Moksha                         When ego goes, the seeker grows                                     Youtube Link

No. 13:  Student life                                     With truth on your side, knowledge will reside                           Youtube Link
No. 14:  Married life                                      Don't hold on to your house, give and grow with your spouse             YoutubeLink
No. 15:  Retired life                                      Kick the world before it kicks you                                     Youtube Link
No. 16:  Renunciation 1                                 Renounce, yet Enthuse                                               Youtube Link
No. 17:  Renunciation 2                                 Renounce and Realize                                                Youtube Link
No. 18: Varna                                           Worth, not birth, decides your position on this earth                     Youtube Link
No. 19: Shodasha Samskara - The 16 milestones of life - 1    Samskaaras for the Human embodiment, each a purifying sacrament        Youtube Link
No. 20: Shodasha Samskara - The 16 milestones of life - 2   The greatest event is the Master's advent                                Youtube Link
No. 21: Shodasha Samskara - The 16 milestones of life - 3   You don't pass away, you only pass through                             Youtube Link
No. 22: The theory of birth and rebirth                     One who leaves is born again, it's neither a pain nor a gain                 Youtube Link
No. 23: The Glory of Human Birth                         Value human life to the last bit, by merit alone do you get it                 Youtube Link
No. 24: Adhikari - The Seeker of Knowledge               Face to face with death, showed the disciple's depth!                      Youtube Link
No. 25: Guru                                           Guru is indispensable, to make you stable and noble                      Youtube Link
No. 26: Guru Upasadan                                  Tune to your teacher and attune, unearth your spiritual fortune             Youtube Link
No. 27: The Quest                                       Ask brightly to know rightly                                            Youtube Link
No. 28: Not the self                                     Don't get caught, know what you're not!                                 Youtube Link
No. 29: The True self                                   A moment of revelation, for eternal liberation                             Youtube Link
No. 30: The Existence Principle                          Existence speaks for Itself                                             Youtube Link
No. 31: Consciousness - The Life Principle                 All beings and the been, are by Consciousness seen                       Youtube Link
No. 32: Bliss                                          Things that make you happy are not things                               Youtube Link
No. 33: Bondage                                       Bondage is mental, liberation transcendental                             Youtube Link
No. 34: The Self and The Not-self                         He looked inert but stayed alert                                         Youtube Link
No. 35: The Three Questions                             Discover HIM, within and without                                        Youtube Link
No. 36: Maya - The Power of the Lord                     Delusion demystified                                                  Youtube Link
No. 37: God's Incarnations                              HE descends, so that you ascend                                       Youtube Link
No. 38: Devta - The Cosmic Deities                       See with sense, it's the same essence                                    Youtube Link
No. 39: Om - The Sacred Symbol                         A gem of a mantra                                                     Youtube Link
No. 40: Creation                                      Creation unfolded                                                     Youtube Link
No. 41: God, Me and the World                         Being, becoming and beatitude                                          Youtube Link
No. 42: The Three Realities                             Truth 'lies' at three levels                                                Youtube Link
No. 43: Three Personality Traits                         Beyond hues, become the Lord's muse                                    Youtube Link
No. 44: Inborn Traits                                  Past impressions last                                                    Youtube Link
No. 45: Preparatory Spiritual Practices - Bahiranga Sadhana   Every means is right if it helps you in the flight                         Youtube Link
No. 46: Advanced Spiritual Practices - Antaranga Sadhana     Value knowledge even at life's edge                                   Youtube Link
No. 47: The Yoga of Action - Karmayoga                  Singing for the Lord in the cave, what legacy of music he gave               Youtube Link
No. 48: The Yoga of Devotion - Bhaktiyoga                Lord suffers to fill a devotee's coffers                                    Youtube Link
No. 49: The Yoga of Knowledge - Gyanayoga              The voice of credence discovers Truth in silence                           Youtube Link
No. 50: The Ultimate Teaching - Mahaavaakya              Spiritual commandments that you learn, make your ignorance burn          Youtube Link
No. 51: Liberation - Mukti                               World sits lightly on the enlightened                                     Youtube Link
No. 52: Gratitude                                     Indebtedness to Gurus of utter kindness                                 Youtube Link